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House and Contents insurance

Your home is your castle, if catastrophe strikes, house insurance products can help protect your most valuable asset.
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House insurance products can help protect your most valuable asset by providing you with full replacement of your house based on its floor area. House insurance also assists you when rebuilding or repairing your home by covering architects’ and engineers’ fees, demolition and debris removal fees, along with many other great benefits.


Contents insurance helps make sure that in the event of damage or theft you’ll be able to replace or repair your valuables. You can tailor contents protection to balance your insurance needs against your budget, and your possessions can be covered anywhere within New Zealand. You can decide the dollar amount your contents are insured for, based on the value of your possessions. The insurer can also either cover the replacement / repair costs or the present day value of your contents, depending on the age and type of each item – they can discuss this with you when they call you to provide a quote. 

Combined house and contents

Combined house and contents insurance is great for those with high value houses and contents. The combined cover offered by this product provides a large level of cover where you own and occupy your home. Combined house and contents covers you for full replacement of your house based on its floor area, with no dollar limit to the overall sum insured for your contents (although there are some limits for specific items). This means you don’t have to worry about changing your policy over the years to reflect more possessions of greater value. Many of the optional benefits under separate house and contents policies are standard benefits for Combined house and contents products, which also has the benefit of higher dollar limits to some of the benefits covered under the separate products.

Rental house

A rental property may involve a substantial investment, so you want to ensure it is properly protected. rental house insurance can help provide protection against the risks associated with residential tenancy. Designed specifically for landlords, rental house cover provides you with full replacement of your house based on its floor area.

Save with package discounts

When you insure your car, house and contents with some insurance companies, you can save up to 20% on your premiums with their package discounts.

One excess for everything

If your car, house or contents are damaged in the same incident (e.g. flood or fire) and they are all insured with thes same insurer, you’ll only have to pay one excess.

Apply now – hassle free

You can easily apply for insurance online 24/7. Just click on “get a quote”, give us your details and one of the Insurer's representatives will call you within 24 hours to discuss your needs. You can apply over the phone without having to fill out any forms. Choose to arrange a direct debit from your bank account, pay directly by cheque or credit card or pay by EFTPOS, cheque or cash at some outlets.