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Farm and Lifestyle Block insurance

Farm and Lifestyle Block insurance Farm insurance is vital because your farm is your home but also your business. And as with any other business, you need to safeguard your essential assets and protect yourself against legal liabilities. That’s why we have adapted its trusted policies specifically to meet the needs of rural New Zealanders.
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Rural Material Damage 

Rural insurance recommended for anyone running a business in agriculture or horticulture. This policy protects you against damage to farm buildings, their contents and machinery. It also covers fences, culverts, fire fighting and protection costs. For horticulturists, we cover your greenhouse and the cost to date of growing the plants.

Rural Business Interruption 

Important cover for rural businesses, particularly where farms would shut down if essential infrastructure like milking sheds was lost. This insurance covers the reduced turnover and increased working costs resulting from an unexpected interruption to your business. You can also extend the cover to include wages you need to pay.

Rural Commercial Motor Vehicle 

Recommended rural insurance for keeping your farm on the move. Reduce repair and replacement costs, along with the disruption and inconvenience, by insuring all your farm vehicles, including tractors, utes and harvesters. This policy also covers your legal liability for any damage or injury.

Rural Liability 

Ideal protection against the risks that can cause financial hardship. It makes simple business sense to cover your legal liability for property damage or personal injury resulting from day-to-day farm work. You can also extend this policy to cover forest and rural fires, animal food poisoning and any farmstay business.

Rural Machinery Breakdown 

Recommended farm insurance for essential machinery. This policy covers your machinery and equipment if it accidentally breaks down, with a special extension available for submersible pumps. The cover also includes the cost of dismantling and erecting the machinery.

Rural Stock Deterioration 

Ideal cover for agricultural produce that farmers keep under refrigeration. This policy covers refrigerated goods that have deteriorated as a result of the refrigeration machinery failing. You can also extend it to include cryogenic storage of genetic material, such as semen straws and embryos.

Rural Livestock 

Recommended cover for your high-value individual animals, for death by injury or illness and for fertility. Special options are also available to cover herds, working dogs and horses, and transit.

Rural Income Protection

A versatile rural insurance policy giving farmers adequate protection if illness or injury leaves them temporarily unable to work. Make sure your family and business can cope, with insurance that provides a regular income in uncertain times. We also have cover available for death, permanent disability, medical expenses and the costs of labour replacement.