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Commercial Vehicle insurance

Downtime is money, and in competitive environments can be the difference between business survival – or not.

Whether your business relies on cars, trucks, utes or even forklifts, insuring your commercial vehicles helps to protect an important asset for your business.
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​What do we offer?

Commercial vehicle insurance that will meet the needs of your business is important in a fast-paced world where you have to keep the rubber on the road.

Our commercial vehicle team understands your needs. This specialist team works with you to determine the protection for you and provide insurance solutions tailored to the commercial motor market.

If the unexpected does happen, your vehicle repairs are guaranteed through the repairer network. We’re so confident in our approved repairers’ commitment to quality workmanship. 

Fleet insurance

Want more than an insurance policy? We can help you identify the root causes of rising accidents and escalating costs, then work with you to find solutions. We can also advise on minimising accident rates and downtime, and managing your fleet to improve productivity.

Small and medium businesses

Effective commercial car insurance is crucial in a small business, where your vehicle is your livelihood and your work car is often also your ‘home’ car. And that’s why we work hard to reduce the disruption when repairs are needed and get you back on the road quickly. 

 For full details about our commercial vehicle insurance, or to request a quote, please contact one of our specialist advisers on 09 4162122.